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Telluride Snowkite

Gorge Kiteboard School

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Telluride Snowkite School                                                                 Telluride, Colorado
Come learn to snowkite on Lizard Head Pass with an experienced instructor who has been snowkiting Lizard Head Pass for more than ten years. With 3 to 6 hours of quality instruction you can be moving across the snow in control and be ready to safely continue learning to snowkite on your own. You will start with a small high quality 4-meter kite that de-powers as you let the control bar out. This equipment will make your learning curve more fun and a lot safer then starting with a full-sized kite. As your skills improve we can set up a bigger kite and work on controlling the increased power associated with full-sized kites.

Winter 2010 - 2011 Snowkite Rates:

Private 3 hour Snowkite Lesson - $195.00
Learn to snowkite as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. The private lesson format allows uninterrupted communication of the information that will help you learn to snowkite and keep you safe. The private lesson format also allows you to progress at your pace and focus on the skills you need to work on.

3 hour Buddy Snowkite Lessons - $145 per student
Two or three friends share one instructor as they learn to kite.
For safety reasons their will be one large kite shared among the students for some parts of the beginner lessons.

3 Hour Localsí Beginner Clinic $75 per student
The clinic will be held on the first Tuesday afternoon of each month.

Beginner Series
This Series is designed to bring snowkiters to the level where they are ready to start snowkiting on their own with a full size kite. Every student learns at a different speed and this series generally requires one or two 2.5 hour lessons to complete.

Kite Theory (part of your first lesson.)
We will start with a 30 to 45 minutes of classroom time to give you a clear understanding of kite control, how to utilize the wind's power and how to avoid the dangers of snowkiting. This discussion is critical to your safety and will speed your learning once you are on the snow.

Kite Control
This lesson is designed to help you learn to maneuver the kite through the patterns you will use to move across the snow and keep the kite in the air in the following lessons. You will learn to launch and land the kite as well as learn to reverse launch the kite. This lesson will finish with some skiing behind the kite. You will use a small 4-meter 4-line kite.

Kite Power
This lesson will be focused on using the kite to generate controlled power with bar pressure and precise movements of the kite. You will practice moving the kite to pull yourself the snow surface at a controlled speed. You will also work on improving your kite relaunching skills. You will use a medium sized 4-meter or 8-meter kite.

Intermediate Series This program is designed to bring snowkiters to the level where they are ready to snowkite in stronger winds and hilly terrain. Every student learns at a different speed and this series generally requires one or two 2.5 hour lessons to complete.

Introduction to Mountain Flying
You will learn about local safety issues and how to evaluate the wind conditions and terrain. We will get out on the snow with appropriate kites and work on generating smooth power from the gusty mountain winds of the Telluride area.

This lesson is about controlling the direction of your travel and the amount of force generated by the edge of your boards. We will work on positioning your body in a more powerful stance to smoothly transfer energy through your skis or snowboard.

This lesson will teach you to change direction with style. We will work on simple stop and go turns, jump turns, and carving turns. Different turns are needed in different situations and knowing how to use them can keep you safe. Learning the timing of the kite and ski/board transitions goes a lot faster with instruction.

You will improve your kite control, body position, and navigation skills in this lesson. I can identify and correct your weaknesses by snowkiting with you. We start by holding ground and work toward snowkiting upwind.

Learning how to go up and come down softly can be easy with some instruction or significantly more dangerous using the trial and error method. Rolling terrain can offer an entirely new element to snowkiting with opportunities and risks that need to be understood.

Advanced instruction is also available on request.
You can learn to make advanced transitions and learn to snowkite up and down mountains. Each advanced lesson will be custom designed to safely teach you the new skills you want to master.

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How to get to Lizard Head Pass.
Lizard Head Pass is on Colorado Highway 145 about 15 miles southwest of Telluride and about 10 miles north of Rico.

To get to Lizard Head Pass from Durango (1.75 hours drive time)
Head west on Colorado 160 in to Mancos and turn right on Colorado 184. Turn right on Colorado 145 and pass through Dolores, continue up the road about 45 miles through Rico and you will find Lizard Head Pass.

To get to Lizard head from Cortez (1.2 hours drive time)
Take 145 north about 60 miles through Dolores and Rico directly to Lizard Head Pass.

To get to Lizard Head Pass from Montrose (1.5 hours drive time)
Go south on 550 to Ridgway, then turn right on to Highway 62 and go to Placerville, then turn left onto 145 toward Telluride. Just outside Telluride Highway 145 turns right and goes up to Lizard head Pass (15 miles from Telluride)
Click Here for the Full Telluride Snowkite Website

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