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Kiteboard School in Hood River

Gorge Kiteboard School

2014 Season, May 1st - November 1st

Hi, My name is Mark Worth and I own and operate Gorge Kiteboard School. I am the only instructor for the school and teach every lesson utilizing 14 years of experience teaching kiteboarding off the Hood River sandbar. The school provides all the equipment you need for your lessons including, Headzone radio helmets, Promotion wetsuits, flotation vests, harnesses, booties, and Cabrinha kites and boards. If needed a Jet Ski is standing by and ready for use.
Teaching kiteboarding lessons<br> in The Gorge since 1998 
Teaching kiteboarding lessons
in The Gorge since 1998
I firmly believe that kiteboarders learn faster and are significantly safer if they understand how to control the power in their kite in gusty conditions. By learning to turn a smaller kite and generate power with an up and down stroke, your kite skills develop much faster than by flying a bigger kite in a fixed position. To control the power you need to be able to maintain kite speed without allowing the kite to move upwind onto slack lines or downwind where it generates excessive force. I focus on teaching good kite control skills because the students who control the kite well are more successful with the board. A strong foundation of kite control allows the students to have more fun with less risk, they can safely handle larger gusts and also tack upwind with a smaller kite.
Each three hour lesson starts with 40 - 60 minutes of classroom time to make the water time as productive as possible. This allows the student a chance to get a clear understanding of the skills they are working on, establish a common vocabulary and cover safety issues. This understanding helps students recognize the root cause of each problem experienced on the water and learn from their mistakes instead of repeating them. Students can also transfer experience and knowledge from other sports once they understand the parallel concepts and how they apply. During this time we also work on body mechanics and muscle memory exercises to prepare the student to achieve that day's goal.
The final two hours of each lesson is normally taught in waist deep or deeper water off the sandbar. A jet ski can be used if it is helpful but adding travel and setup time consumes 30 to 40 minutes of the student's water time from each lesson. Often these 30 to 40 minutes are critical to achieving that lesson's goal. Another significant benefit of working from the sandbar instead of going to the center of the river with the Jet Ski is that the student can come back to the sandbar and stand to rest between exercises. This allows the student a chance to correct a weakness by watching the instructor demonstrate the skill properly. Many students can think more clearly and learn faster if they can stand up and rest every so often.
Learning to kiteboard mid-day during crowded weekends on the sandbar can be intimidating if the instructor is not keeping the student well clear of other beginners. My students avoid other kiters by starting upwind of the other beginners and staying in control as they work on very specific exercises. By constantly watching any kiters upwind of my students I can move my student away from the area that an out of control kiter might crash through or ask the other kiter to relocate. This allows the student a safe and productive space to work in. Because I have taught over 2000 kiteboarding lessons on the on the sandbar over the last 14 years other instructors and local kiteboarders respect the space I need for my students and normally try to give my students ample room. Students who would like to have maximum space are encouraged to book weekdays or early in the season, for mid season weekends consider morning or evening lessons.

I provide the highest quality equipment available for your lesson:

Headzone Radio Helmets work in high winds and allow clear communication.

Pro Motion 5/4 long sleeve wetsuits for colder water in the spring.
Pro Motion 4/3 short sleeve wetsuits for the summer.
U S Coast Guard approved flotation vests that do not scoop water as you bodysurf.
Da Kine harness shorts that allow freedom of movement.
Pro Motion booties that will protect your feet.

Cabrinha kites in small sizes that allow you to learn to fly the kite aggressively without getting overpowered.
Twin tip boards from Cabrinha make your first rides smooth and controllable.

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